Iíve been associated with Credo Infotech for close to a year now and have engaged with them on a few projects.

While team Credo are adept at a host Microsoft and Open Source technologies, what really struck me was it's quick and almost intuitive understanding of complex business issues that theyíre readily able to translate into functional specs. Be it a simple website or an elaborate portal; or yet, a business-critical application, itís all in a dayís work for the Credo team.

Credo also brings a hands-on approach to project management, is very pro-active in their interactions resulting in quick turnaround and timely resolution of issues.

Indeed, I find them very capable and a pleasure to work with.

Shreedhar, Founder

We have out-sourced multiple projects to Credo over time. The timely delivery and the efficient handling of customer queries, resolution of issues are things which has made us go back to them everytime. Enthusiasm combined with competency is a great asset with Credo.

Srimatesh, Managing Director

I am pleased with the services of Credo Infotech; We have been interacting with them for more than a year. We have used their expertise in developing the accounting software package and website for Karnatak University. They quickly understood our requirements and gave solutions with practical approach. Both the packages are working successfully; particularly the website with CMS has really solved the problem of uploading and updating the student data, university news and events and the examination results of UG and PG courses. Accounting package has versatile features and emerged as a total solution for any university.

I always appreciate people with good grasping power and those Working in Credo Infotech are conversant with all the latest techniques of developing software packages, and their products are user friendly and stable. People in Credo Infotech have very good insights and bring out products of high quality and consistency. They are well organized and deliver goods within the stipulated period. These qualities compel us to continue business with Credo.

Prof. J.S. Bhat, Registrar (Evaluation)

On behalf of the Karnataka State Law University, I wish to extend our most grateful thanks to the magnificent work carried out by Credo Infotech team. We are pleased with the quality of service your company has provided to the University. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and your professional services.

We wish Credo Infotech all the best and look forward to working together for years to come.

Dr. J. S. Patil, Vice Chancellor

We would like to place on records our appreciation and thanks to Credo Infotech, for being the technology partner and developing the web application for the club with commitment alacrity and clear understanding of the requirements. The astuteness demonstrated while working on the project has enabled us to deploy technology as an innovation in the functioning of the club.

Rtn. Ashis Dutta, Charter President

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